How our automation tool works

CodeBot streamlines instance management. Full instances are pulled into workbooks, allowing you to duplicate, compare, and replicate changes across all instances in a matter of minutes. Anyone with a basic understanding of spreadsheets can easily make these changes. CodeBot provides clear visibility and data governance for every instance.

Automatically track your SuccessFactors instance changes and update your configuration workbook documentation -- crucial for when teams are working on a single or with multiple instances. Once the configuration workbook is generated, you can easily update or rebuild an instance from scratch. With CodeBot, your configuration workbooks and instances are always perfectly synced and documented.

Roles and permissions are viewed as a pivot-table style report. You can manage, compare roles in a much user-friendly way. Analyze and audit security permissions with ease and comfort. Adding a field and applying permissions to multiple roles can be done in minutes. Gain confidence that your users only have access to the right data at the right time.

Harness the incredible time savings of robotic testing specifically designed for SuccessFactors. SuccessFactors users spend a significant amount of time testing, during initial implementation (for every iteration) and with every system upgrade. Instead of the highly labor-intensive process of manually performing unit testing, train CodeBot to do this work for you.