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Whether you’re an HR administrator, an HRIS consultant, or an SAP SuccessFactors Implementation Specialist, CodeBot can meet your unique implementation and support needs.


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SAP SuccessFactors End Users and Admins- HR admins, HRIS technical support, SAP SuccessFactors clients, etc.

For HR Leaders, balancing delegation to 3rd party partners versus leveraging internal resources is always a critical piece of strategy. With CodeBot, your internal team will have more control while simultaneously utilizing less of their time. You’ll be able to streamline and escalate tasks for partners while keeping the essential control of your SAP SuccessFactors Instance in-house.

Managed Services Providers - SAP SuccessFactors Partners specializing in Managed Services.

Do the client’s requirement workbooks match their SAP SuccessFactors Instance? How do you keep up with your client’s continuous updates? Inheriting an SAP SuccessFactors client can be a mixed bag… CodeBot solves the mystery to any SAP SuccessFactors Instance. Pull instance configurations down into an easily digestible workbook, and begin to validate the configuration within hours.

Implementation Specialists - SAP SuccessFactors Implementation Specialists.

Why do SAP SuccessFactors implementations take so long? The short answer is that projects require bursts of HR Strategy with long gaps for coding the configuration in-between. But now AI and Bot technology is helping to find redundancies and inefficiencies to automate the configuration. With CodeBot, we think configuration cycles can be reduced by 10X!.


“We won’t go back to manual workbook and config management because we have seen how much time we can save with CodeBot.”
Mike S. - HRIS Director.

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